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Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
It's interesting that you started out in this thread stating reasons why Dear Esther is a game. What changed your mind?
BTW, it's possible to lose Dear Esther. Jump from a cliff. Swim out into the ocean. Yeah, these are rather leftovers from conventional games, but it's not like they aren't there. And your goal is to get to the end. There is a end. You know you reached it when a cutscene plays. And you know how to reach it by following the path.
I never stated if its a game or not until later not after a huge discussion on why the game is interactive and should bar people from considering it as a cable interactive piece of media. The only times I used game is the fact that it is being sold as a game.

That argument also states like it has been said many times before, just a book and turning the pages.

Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
It isn't, right. But since, you know, Dear Esther is a fully realized 3D world, with physics, narrations, sounds and animations that respond to your actions, I'd say there's more to it than some text and choices. It has no choices, but since when are choices like a higher form of interactivity anyway?
But the point was, a choose-your-own adventure is an adventure moreso than interactive art. A choose your own adventure is pretty much an adventure game. Dear interactive tour of a story.

Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
Ah, you meant art installations. I understood something like interactive paintings? Now it makes sense.

Lots of edits on this one! From feeling grumpy to not so grumpy anymore!
Art Installations? Oh, you mean Art Galleries? Art installations usually are places where art is made over here in the US.
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