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I am aware that using 3D Studio Max is not a valid comparison to playing a game in the same manner that watching security footage of a gas station is not comparable to watching Citizen Kane. That's an unfair comparison that deliberately disregards the intent and purpose of similar products (3DSM vs a game; security footage vs Citizen Kane). I am aware of this. Please don't insult my intelligence. I didn't bother going into specifics because I assume people in this forum are intelligent enough to infer the breadth of my reasoning.

It is possible to skew any argument by slamming it with broad convictions that take the original point out of context. (sigh) I am beginning to suspect that any attempt to explain my beliefs will be met with more blind criticism than consideration. But I am not trying to win over any converts. I just feel like my points are deliberately being taken out of context by overly broad rebuttals. You see, I am willing to disagree with people; that's okay, as it is an expected outcome in any stimulating discussion. I am not out to prove anybody wrong, only to disagree. But it is coming to my attention that others aren't merely satisfied with disagreeing with me, but they also have to prove me wrong in every way, as if we were discussing religion. This is when I leave the room, because it has gone from a stimulating discussion to a heated argument. And a heated argument is something you just don't do on the internet.

It is a much tougher feat to try to define what something is, than it is to point the finger and denounce what it isn't. So maybe I'm on a fool's errand.

(sigh) Life is too short to argue theory. I'm going to go make a game. Or something like that.
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