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Originally Posted by Shuyin View Post
I agree. However, Dear Esther is not interactive storytelling. It is just storytelling.

Interactive means you interact with the world in a way (solving puzzles in adventures games) or another (shooting things in most other games). In Dear Esther there is absolutely 0 interactivity with the world. None. Zilch. Nada. You seem to consider walking through the area (or exploring) as interactivity. I respectfully diasgree and i think you are confused about the term.
Actually exploring an area that triggers a narrative is interactivity. Game design 101. Anything that triggers something else based on user control is 'interaction'.

Else, 0 percent interactivity means the gamer is just sitting back not doing anything.

You may respectfully disagree, but you are respectfully making yourself look like an idiot. Any respectful person understands that user control == interaction. Its like saying 'whats so special with giving the player control during a cutscene like half-life 2. Its stupid and pointless'.

The developer is not taking control away from you during the story. It is a personal experience, you living through the environment, noticing various things in the environment which add to the story.
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