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...Resurrecting an old thread because...

Originally Posted by Trunkyo View Post
Manga, manga and more manga!

From the dealers' room at the Anime North convention the previous weekend (mostly to complete some series):
One Piece v. 17-28
Shaman King v. 1-12
O-Parts Hunter (a.k.a 666 Satan) v. 18
20th Century Boys v. 4
Sand Land
Fushigi Yugi v. 14

Last week, from the comic store:
One Piece v. 49-53
Naruto v. 48
Bleach v. 31
Inuyasha v. 48
20th Century Boys v. 8
Hôshin Engi v. 19

Unfortunately, I collect manga volumes faster than I can read them, so I have like, over 200 unread volumes on my shelf!
...I've just noticed you listed 20th Century Boys, Trunk. Are you still reading it or have you finished it or...? I'm currently reading the series myself; I started it sometime last year after finishing Monster (also by Naoki Urasawa), but I've only completed 3 volumes so far. I've got a long ways to go before reaching the end yet...
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