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Originally Posted by Monolith View Post
So its all technical? Last time I checked, its all about making everything look natural and Dear Esther does that better than even Battlefield 3. Its the best looking environment ever.
Read again. I'm agreeing with you actually. Just read it again.

Originally Posted by Monolith View Post
BTW, i'm talking about the game not the mod, and you are acting like the game's out. Its not. "Just because it is sold to you as a game, doesn't mean it is one." That does not even make sense since you obviously are talking about the mod not the game.
Are you serious? The game wil be exactly like the mod. Here's some developer quotes from the game's FAQ page:

"Q. I haven’t played the original, should I wait for the commercial release? Will playing the original mod completely spoil it for me?
A. I think this is something you must decide for yourself. It’s a remake after all, but with a ton of additional visuals, details and information added in. Think of it as a Director’s Cut."
"Q. I want to convince friends to try Dear Esther in a few words, how can I describe it at best?
A. Dear Esther is a poetic ghost story told using game technologies. You explore a deserted island, uncovering a tale of love, loss, grief and redemption, delivered through stunning voice-over and soundtrack and set against one of the most beautiful environments yet created in a game. -How’s that sound?"

It'll still a non-game just like the mod, with a severe lack of interactivity: no puzzles, no interaction with the world...unless your definition of an adventure game is exploring/walking through a landscape while listening to poetry.

It'll be the same experience as the mod, but with updated visuals and maybe some tweaks regarding the script. But you can't really call it a game, by any standards...
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