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I have been experimenting with this game on my Win7 x64 Pro after seeing the community playthrough thread for the game. The main problem with the game is that the main menu does not work. It will allow you to start a new game, but the Restore and Options buttons will crash the game. This one is easy to work around. You can press the F1 key to bring up the in game menu, which does work without crashing.

The crashing with the intro I have managed to mostly solve with a combination of solutions, some suggested in this thread, including patching the main EXE, setting the game to start in Windowed mode, setting the color depth to 16-bit colors. I found that using the DLLs from WineD3D to redirect those calls to Direct3D to OpenGL seem to lend some stability, at least on my system.

I have packaged all of these into a single patch. It patches the main EXE and includes a convenient utility to change whether the game starts Windowed or full screen without having to manually edit the registry. I have also included a game launcher that will automatically set the color depth to 16-bit for correct color display of the game in Windowed mode and reset it back to 32-bit on exit of the game. The installer will create an uninstaller for the patch if you wish to remove the patch and should be used prior to uninstalling the game to assure a clean uninstall. This should be applied to a full install or it will not patch the main EXE.

Discworld Noir Vista/Win7 Patch

Keep in mind that this is not a perfect solution. Only the "New Game" button on the main menu should be used. The intro can be skipped by pressing the Escape key a number of times, but the game may occasionally crash if it is pressed repeatedly and rapidly. I am able to play the intro and opening scene in their entirety in both windowed and full screen modes. I have only tested this on my system, so YMMV. If you try this, please give some feed back. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to fix any other issues with this game, but it is running stably for me with these fixes.
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