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Default Looking for a Childhood Adventure Game

Hey guys! I just registered in this site not knowing there is one for Adventure Gamers.

I also registered here because I have been looking for this adventure game that I played when I was young (this was during the 90s). I don't remember the title at all, and I think it came with the computer we bought then.

So anyway, the game is kinda dark. The setting was a medieval-ish town and you control of this woman, who I think was a witch. You start in the house, and then when you go outside, you get to see a castle. Going in to that castle, you will have to defeat a guard, which you can't defeat until you get this weapon later on.

Anyway, near there is also a fortune teller who tells you to get some ingredients such as a pair of eyes if I'm not mistaken. She'll give you the weapon to defeat the guard.

I was young then so I don't know what happens next. Does anyone perhaps know what it is and if it's available online? Thanks!
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