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Games I'm aiming to finish this year...there's a few!

Games I actually want to finish:

Callahans Crosstime Saloon
Perry Rhodan
13th Victim
Sherlock Holmes Silver Earring
Journeyman 2

Games I'm not sure I want to finish:

Law and Order Criminal Intent
Kings Quest 1 Redone

And like everyone else I've got piles of games I haven't even started yet...

Originally Posted by diego View Post
Speaking of resolutions, promises... and as a counterpart to "2011 finished games" thread, how about games yet to finish? I'm talking primarily about the games you've already started but didn't finish for some reason. That is, if you're doing anything that weird, like me
I think all of us do that...

Originally Posted by diego View Post
Then, i wish to finally go through A Vampyre Story. I think i first started it in 2009.
I've got half played games at least that old or older!

Originally Posted by diego View Post
Zork: Grand Inquisitor and Tale of a Hero are two games i started in 2011. but got stuck. It didn't help that i put them aside, and so recently when i got back to them i was not only stuck, but completely lost as what i was supposed to do
I hate when that happens... I leave a game so long then I have to start over. If I don't start over, I wander around going 'what...what?'

Originally Posted by SweetDalilah View Post
I think you're holding the record with the highest number of unfinished games
I'm not sure about that

Originally Posted by SweetDalilah View Post
Well first of all I guess I'll try to finish Post Mortem, that I started 4 months ago. But sence it got really boring , I don't know when I'll decide to continue playing it.
I have a few games that got boring that are waiting for me to finish *cough*Syberia*cough*Amber*cough*

Originally Posted by SweetDalilah View Post
Then I'll also start playing Dreamfall again , which I started playing a few years ago, got stuck, and then never got to finish it because I got a new computer
And I've had that problem too... that's why Postmortem and Dracula Origins are still waiting... I just can't be bothered restarting...
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