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Peter254: Yeah, keeping it simple is what its all about. At a start, the smaller and more contained you decide to make it, the better. It will balloon anyhow, take it from me.

Regarding all those GF similarities, now that you mention it, you're right. They're allover the place. Maybe GF left an even bigger imprint on me than I thought. That can't be a bad thing.

pyke: Thanks agan, man. Your comments are highly encouraging! I know all about the "sketch on everything" syndrome. I've got piles of unorganized bits and pieces of various papers just lying around in a big mess. I should scan it all one day.... A mindboggling project in its scale, heh.

Regarding visionare and AGS, etc. .. Yes, that is the price you pay. One has to admit though that both packages are incredibly competent, and indeed, living things where changes/features to some extent can be requested. Its difficult not to love such development environments even though you do get a little with their limitations some times.
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