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I think I see what you mean about raising the bar. The guy who's making Stasis is pretty insane doing all that himself while working a full time job, and yeah, I hope he pulls it off. That sort of adventure game is a rarity these days and I'd like to be able to play it. And...if I intend to make this adventure game of mine single-handed, I'll be sure to not have any kids yet . Looking it up, I see that it took Josh Nuernberger about three years to complete Gemini Rue.

(sigh) If I did make my own game, I guess it'd be wise to approach it as a "snack sized" version, just to see if I'm even capable of delivering good results. Like those short length games you see monthly on the AGS site. My main concern is graphics and animation. Anyway, till then, I can always dream...

Regarding TJD and GF, I also felt that the nature of the story was similar. Bureaucratic crime and corruption, a mysterious female, two main protagonists stuck in a dead end job, an epic journey beyond the safety of the city... To be clear, I'm certainly not accusing you of ripping anything off. Not at all. TJD feels like its own creation and the world and characters are unique. It just seemed relevant to ask if GF served as an inspiration. I'm not sure how to word myself to not make it sound like I'm accusing you of being too inspired by GF. The best way I can put it is that I think it's a compliment and a notable achievement to have tapped into what made GF so emotionally enduring (deliberate or not), while also being true to your own original vision.
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