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Originally Posted by gray pierce View Post
Yes it is! The only time I ever regretted I don't own a PS3 (or any other console for that matter)

The first and fourth quotes were from Lt Blake. The second and last from Jayden and the third was Grace talking about Ethan.

Good game, closest I'v ever seen to a real cinematic experience. Highly engrossing with characters you could really connect with and a good story to boot. Heavily flawed though. Gameplay could've been much, much better, less fighting, more thinking for starters. Also the sci fi element was completely misplaced imo.
Yeah, too bad it never came out for PC It's a great game, really. Well at least LA Noire came out for PC too

Next quote: Man, that is one vicious little beast!
Adventure games are like stories, they always have that special character who has to deal with misfortunes and get to the top. So if you don't play adventure games how will you write your own life story?

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