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Adventures of Tintin : The secret of the Unicorn.

Its a fun if vapid little 2D platformer. Lots of charm like the comics, but also the weird 3D versions of some childhood favourites akin to the movie it parallels. The best bits are the strictly side-on platforming sections, so much so that the occasional 3D chase/exploration bits seem woefully tacked on.

While I'm enjoying the gameplay even though it is quite simple, I think Tintin is voiced by Adam Howden, so all I hear is that winy #$%^ Anders from Dragon Age 2. 'Uncle Gamlen' from Dragon Age 2 is the voice of Alain...

Unless your kid(s) (including that one inside of you) is begging for Tintin, wait for a sale, there's more than a couple of hours fun to be had here but it never feels more than casual.

It has low system requirements so that's nice too.
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