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Default AG Meet - Hastings - Saturday 26 May

As promised, this is the follow-up to my suggestion that a AG forum meet-up is held in Hastings, a town I know quite well.

Basic Hastings Tourist Information

Proposed activities include a bespoke guided tour of the historic old town, crazy golf, exploration of the smuggler's caves or a look round the castle. Also looking at having a meal in the late afternoon as at the Amsterdam meet.

How to get there

  • By Rail - Rail lines come into Hastings from London Charing Cross in the North, Brighton in the West and Ashford in the East. Ashford International has a Eurostar stop at it so anyone coming across from the continent by that route has a relatively easy connection through.
  • By Air - Gatwick is on a direct rail line to Hastings.
  • By Road - Various routes in. Probably best to PM me if you want more specific instructions.
  • By Narwhal - Nice shallow beach to land your narwhal on so, as long as you don't have a particularly deep-hulled narwhal, you should be able to coast in nicely. North side of the English Channel, about a quarter of the way along from the East end.
I have various details for accommodation ranging from small B & B's to swankier hotels. If people prefer I can post a few details of various places here or you can PM me for a more personalised service.

There is a local place that hires out wheeled transport for individuals where required. I promise that I won't push anyone under a tram this time (we don't have trams in Hastings any more so it is an easy promise to keep )

I'm suggesting toward the end of May, as I believe at least one member of the forums is already proposing to be in the UK around that time.

Over to you lot for thoughts, suggestions and queries.
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