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Ooh, this thread is a feast for the eyes. I've been intrigued by many of these games for a long time, but almost all of them are so expensive at ebay!
Originally Posted by Arial Type View Post
Although I would pay 100$ for a new Legend adventure game, oh yes!
Sure, if I could find a brand new, complete release with low shipping cost, I might spend that much. But not on every title! Also, the auction you posted doesn't even include the box. No way is that worth $100.

There is another reason I haven't been all over these games the way I perhaps should. Since most of the designers come directly from Infocom, I suspect many of the games share some of the hair-pulling aspects with their IF forefathers. Dead ends, unforeseeable death scenes, struggling with the text parser, you name it.

Blackstone Chronicles didn't have anything like that, and that was a great game. I've been curious about the rest of Legend's catalogue for a long time, and all those screenshots definitely don't make me think otherwise. But I doubt all of them will be able to match Blackstone.
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