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Well done Oscar!

Legend games are.. well - legendary, and while i agree they are underrated to some extent, i also feel they are collectively often praised as sort of a "bridge" between plain text adventures of 80s and later graphic revolution by LucasArts, Sierra and others.

Of course, still a lot of text in the interface can prove tiresome to those players who grew up on smart cursor (and that's the reason where we might look for the "underrated" factor), but there's definitely some special fun with it. Personally though, - i prefer Shannara to Eric the Unready interface, but those older titles have even bigger sense of freedom, like any other text adventure.

My personal favorite is Companions of Xanth with a magnificent atmosphere combining fantasy and humor with a lot of puns

but also when i started playing Shannara recently, i was stunned at high value of it, from dialogues to splendid graphics. And of course, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon with its smart references to pop culture.
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