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To update, yes, KQ 7 from the second collection (the XP one), and I could get passed the fire cracker problem with the patches. I played through all of KQ 7 up to that point before going to bed last night.

For some reason, KQ 7 from the older collection makes DOSbox encounter an error and close. This isn't such a big deal since I got the other version working.

It seems that the XP version with the patch now has the bookmark option, which is nice.

The updates put another installation of both collections on my computer. It didn't get rid of the first installation of the older collection, which is good. Those all seemed to work fine before except for KQ 7.

The patch DID get rid of the original installation of the XP version, apparently...or at least I can't find the original installation of XP. That doesn't matter, though, since I have the original CDs that they came on, plus I have a copy on the Mac part of my computer in order to play those games in Boxer. (Except KQ 7).

So....then...does anyone know how I can get KQ 7 to play in either DosBox on Mac or Boxer? If not, then I'll just keep playing the game in Windows XP.

And does anyone know if a similar patch type thing that could incorporate DosBox for Mac and ScummVM for Mac? The patch thing that I downloaded wouldn't let me choose my Mac DosBox or my MacScummVM during the installation. But if all it is doing is using DosBox and ScummVM, shouldn't it be possible for a patch like that to be applied to Macs? I just don't know how to do it.

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