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Now, getting back to DosBox on Mac -- okay, so I came across a forum in which someone stated that it's possible to play the KQ game collections on Mac, since Macs also can use DosBox. So I tried that. I downloaded the Mac version of DosBox and installed it. The only problem is that I was confused by the prompts. By searching on a couple forums I finally figured out how to mount the games. However, when I tried to make them run, I received an error message telling me that I didn't have some kind of file. I had copied my files from the XP version of 1-6, plus the original version of 1 from the first collection. I copied the folders directly from XP on this same computer. (Remember that I have XP on VMWare Fusion). I double checked the folder contents for each of the games, comparing the contents in My Computer on XP with the folder that I copied them to in Finder, and it looked like all the files were there. I don't know what the problem was.

(I will come back to a question regarding this in a bit).

So I couldn't get the games to work in DosBox on Mac. Fine. So I did some more googling. Someone else on yet another forum had a different way of getting the games to play in Mac. Instead of using DosBox, they suggested using something called Boxer. I installed that. I couldn't get the games to run right away, but I did some playing around with it. I copied each game folder to Boxer. Then I typed in the word "reveal" and Finder opened, showing the game folder. I found the Sierra.exe and right clicked that. Then I told it to run it in Boxer, and it worked just fine. Because I copied the files right off of Windows, it even copied my saved games so that I could pick up half way through either KQ 5 or 6...whatever game I was on when I started using Boxer.

Then it came time to play KQ 7. I knew that that the XP collection didn't have DOS for 7, so I switched back over to playing it on XP. However, I had just started the game when I remembered that the hard copy of the manual (the one that came with the older KQ collection) stated that KQ 7 could play in DOS. So I then tried copying my KQ 7 folder from the first collection over to Mac, like I did with all the others.

However, it wouldn't play in Boxer because it said that I was missing some file named 999pal or something like that, and it advised me to have the CD in. So I put the CD in and tried it again. The same thing happened. I had no idea what to do, so I gave up and went back to playing it on XP. That's when I eventually encountered the fire cracker problem. is my next question -- so I downloaded the patches, and it looks like the games play fine in XP. (I didn't start playing again -- I just checked to make sure that I could play the games.) -- and those patches included DosBox for Windows. (Yes, this meant that I had to install the Windows version of DosBox on XP.)

Is there any way to get the games to play on the Mac version of DosBox?

Is there any way to get KQ7 to play on Boxer? The KQ7 version that is patched up -- in either collection?

I don't mind having to play on XP, but it would be better if I could get them to play on Mac.

Oh, and I should mention that the sound doesn't work on review:
Operating System - Mac OSX Snow Leopard
under this operating system, I have VMWare Fusion running Windows XP

also, I have two Apple IIGS emulators that run off of the Mac OS -- they are Sweet16 2.2.1 and Kegs 0.91 for the Apple IIGS versions of KQ 1-4. My question had to do with the disk images of Apple IIGS files, specifically for those of KQ 1 and KQ 2.

I also have a real Apple IIGS with all of the original disks for the King's Quest games 1-4.

For XP, I have DosBox 0.74win32 -- I now also have the patches for my copies of KQ collections.

For Mac, I have DosBox 0.74 -- I do not have the patches installed on Mac because I didn't know what I needed to do...or if I could get them to run on Mac. Do I just copy the new folders to Mac? Or do I need to do something else? Or is it even possible to play them.

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