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Default What is this game that I'm thinking of?!

Once upon a time when I was a kid in the 90s or early 2000s I had a sci-fi game. Ever since then I've been tortured by trying to remember what it was. Therefore, I've been asking various forums in order to see if *anyone* has heard of it before.

Therefore, I will describe what I remember from the game. I loved it, but I was too confused to figure out very much.

In the introduction, you see a space station. I remember that some part of it was rounded-looking... It sits around for a few moments, and then explodes. I don't remember much other than that, as far as the introductory cinematic. The game starts. You wake up in a room on a bed, near a window. The room is lit and the graphics are very nice for that time (I think... I thought it was awesome at the time.) The music throughout the entire game is VERY peaceful, but almost in a creepy way as there is absolutely no one else there. I think I remember hearing a female voice at the beginning. I also remember putting on a sort of headset that was lying on a table near the bed. It set up an HUD that I could click various buttons. (Don't remember what any of them did. I probably didn't understand it very much at my age.) I then left the room. It seemed a bit like a hotel of some sort, as there were many empty rooms with answering machines on the doors. I think I remember one of the answering machines talking about how the person left to go somewhere, but that they'd be back. One of the rooms had a changeable ceiling, lighting, and sounds option... I think you were able to access something on the wall that changed them. I messed around with that for a long time; I loved it. In a more wide-open area, there was a sort of bed off to the side along the wall. When you got into it, it would close. (Think the Animus in Assassin's Creed) My game would end at that spot, though... I think the demo was limited to the space ship. (I think it was a space-ship... I'm not so sure now.) so I never got to do anything else.

I played the game all of the time, without understanding any of it... I just want to be able to look it up, but I can't remember the name of it! URRGH! If only I could remember... It's like torture to be unable to remember. Someone help, please?

Another game I played involved very tiny go-karts (about the size of a hotwheels car) that you could race around. I only had the demo on that too, so I could only do a level right outside of a house with ramps made out of cardboard. I loved that game to bits. If someone could tell me what game *that* was... that'd be great. I would be indebted to them... for about 10 years.
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