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Oh, right. Apparently that was a scam too. There's no RLacey to be seen anywhere around here.

Also, there was a... What do you call it when Jesus' face appears on toast or whatever? Well, something like that in my grandma's window. She had just washed them and now there's clearly a white dove in it. It's a sign, no doubt. Sign of peace, and that she should charge admission fees to see the miracle.

And this is no joke, except for the white dove part. It was probably something like a common pidgeon or something. The faithless explanation would be that a bird hit it but in an angle that it left a full-body imprint (probably just managed to notice the window and braked a little and so hit "on its stomach") with wings spread and all.

It's really quite a sight with the newly washed window and everything, you can partly see individual feathers and all* (I'm not sure if it's dust or what that's left on the window).

But of course, it's not that, it's a sign from Above. It's probably etched on the inside of the glass too.

*) Repetition, consider revising.
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