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Stupid "King's Bounty: The Legend"...I have a love/hate relationship with that game, just like my love/hate relationship with "Septerra Core". God, I love the game, but it drives me insane!

The plot is awesome, and I freakin' love the characters, but since there's only so many troops you can buy, I run out of my favorites, and then feel at a loss at what I should use. I want an infinite amount of thorns, dang it!

And it's a very long game, which I don't mind, but the enemies are getting harder and I'm not getting any stronger. I'm playing on Normal, and I want to go back and play on easy, but it's such a long game, I don't want to go back and do all that stuff...again. I'm already at the elves, but I feel like every army is too strong for me to fight. *pout*
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