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Interesting thread, I'm not sure how I missed it up to now. It is always fun to see new people discovering the games that many of us have cherished for years, even decades in some cases, now. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned about the speed bug in KQ7. This is easily avoided by playing the DOS version in DOSBox. The problem is that most of the releases did not come with a DOS interpreter. Most of the he stand alone releases were version 1.4 and 1.56, which included no DOS interpreter. The first collection only came with a demo of KQ7. The 2nd collection, The King's Quest Collection Series, came with KQ7 v2.00b, which had the DOS interpreter. The 2006 VU collection used v 1.4, which as stated earlier, had no DOS interpreter.

I have a number of modern installers and patches for most of the Sierra games, including the KQ series that can upgrade versions 1.4 and 1.56 to 2.00b and automatically set it up to run in DOSBox.

For the 2006 VU collections and the Steam version, I have patches to fix the many problems with these releases, including upgrading KQ71.4 to 2.00b

I hope these will help you in your quest.
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