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Originally Posted by Belano View Post
Hi, Lagomorph:

Great thread (I have bookmarked it) and reviews. I grew up with adventures from both companies, Lucas and Sierra (I played Larry 1 and Maniac Mansion at the same time), so I don't have a preference for any one of them. I rather think they both have great games, ok games and bad games (well, maybe Lucas Arts doesn't have any bad games, but that's because -I think- they don't experiment as much with the genre as Sierra)...
Yeah, I like how Sierra and Lucas Arts have a different set of rules. Both offer unique opportunities for creativity. For example, Sierra will go to hilarious extremes to kill you in the most mundane of situations (toilet in Larry 1), whereas Lucas Arts will go to hilarious extremes to save you in the most dangerous of situations (cliff in Monkey Island 1).

I definitely plan on getting to Police Quest and Quest for Glory sooner or later.

Originally Posted by Venkman View Post
On your "hardest puzzle" for LSL2:

You are always told what the reason is for the soldiers not believing that you are a woman. If you haven't stuffed the bra, they say you are flat-chested, so the solution becomes obvious.

Incidentally, I would call all the trial-and-errors related to that puzzle "dead ends" (although it's been 8 years or so since I played it), but maybe you're considering them "deaths"? Same with the deaths on the lifeboat.
Stuffing the bra was my first thought, but when you try stuffing it when you're not in the changing area, it just gives you a generic response telling you that you can't do that. If it had responded with "not here" like it did with the clothes themselves, then I would have found the puzzle much easier.

Yeah, I was thinking of those as deaths. Although the lifeboat sequence is so long that it might qualify. I found it hilarious that taking the spinach dip ends up killing you.
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