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Come on, don't be apologetic and keep ranks please. I am with mrLol here. Perhaps people - after months - may be a bit cynical about the reply and what you are willing to consider as a "honest mistake?" It's a bit unlikely. Problems with a contact form??? What has answering emails to do with that? And: those who have (pre-)ordered can check their order. And if they can, Lace Mamba can do so as well. Only because of threads like this - and at Gameboomers as well – it seems they begin to move a bit.
Apparently, sorry to say so, this "Head of PR & Marketing" is doing a bad job. My very arrogant advice: don't state reasons in damage control mails like this, just state things have gone wrong and apologize. We are grown-ups, you know. Moreover: the info at your site is in certain respects also abominable (e.g. news section), so customers have to write about simple issues. What amazes me too is that in the reply it is revealed that Lace Mamba was informed by Jack Allin (not very charming to mention that, IMHO).
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