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Originally Posted by Isak View Post

I also found the ending somewhat disappointing. It ended to quick. First of all, I can accept that Angela was the "bad guy" but, as you said, there was way way way to little involvement in the story to make this scenario convincing. It was like "what"?
I though we were going to see deeper development with the paranormal stuff. And shouldn't Styles be a lot more depressed about how Angela only fooled him to believe Laura was coming back? After Angela dies, he just sits with the group and talking, like nothing really important have happened. I mean, shouldn't he be depressed? Like reeeeallly depressed. He was obsessed with Laura, and have been convinced she could bring her back - the he finds out Angela is behind it all and he reacts like he does? What?
So a top notch story, and game, but with a far to rushed ending and conclusion of the story...

Question, how do you reveal the "spoilers" without replying to the message? (kinda like our own adventure game puzzle here )


Actually, more then that, I'd love to have seen the story turn into Styles slowly going down into madness, with just a hint/hope that this is really a haunting, with an ending which left you wondering, but not before a great ride in analyzing his fears, desires and his loneliness, culminating into a psychosis fueled, last ditch effort, to prove he was right (that his deceased wife was trying to come through), while everybody around him just saw a madman, committing some kind of heinous crime! Now, that would've been a story!!
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