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Originally Posted by Trexxie View Post
@Isak - there was no puzzle with magic tricks, so that is annoying to me- it's all written down. G.Knight & this game are from the same that's why people had very, very high expectations.
I see what you mean, and I DO understand that people have high expectations, because I understand that the GK series are great games. However, I don't understand what's wrong with Gray Matter?
Maybe it's not like GK at all, but why do people think the game isn't enjoyable?
By the way, sorry if sounding harsh in my first reply to you - it wasn't my intention, just a litte over-excited about the topic! on me

Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
P.S. - I enjoyed the cutscenes. They both fit and set the mood very well in my opinion.
I agree - brilliant cutscenes, and somewhat original and refreshing!

Originally Posted by kuze View Post
OT: Actually, their style is very much alike.
Maybe some books, like Dance x3, A Wild Sheep Chase, Wind up bird and Kafka... But have you red "Norwegian Wood", and especially the novel "Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world"? Those two differ a lot. Also, his short stories (especially the early ones) are a lot different from his usual style.
So I don't see the point in always, and I mean ALWAYS, comparing titles by the same author. Just because it's the same author, doesn't mean the books/games/movies/whatever are or need to be very alike.

I say Gray Matter is good, even though the game differs a lot from, at least the third GK game (the only one I played).
Not at all like the GK game(s) but still a great game!

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