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Originally Posted by Trexxie View Post
I have just begun playing this eagerly awaited game and I must admit that the magical tricks are as annoying as hell...and there are to many hints - the hotspots key?
Do not like it. I love Gabriel Knight - he is one of my fav characters, not to mention the them.
Dissapointed so far...
QUE?! I love the magic trick "puzzles". I'm playing the game for Xbox, dunno if there is any difference?
Why do people keep compare Gabriel Knight with Gray Matter? Sure, it's the same writer but what the hell? The story's are completely different and they are different games, they don't belong to each other at all, except that it is the same writer.
It's like comparing a great novelist different books, like Haruk Murakami for example; they can differ a lot even though it's the same writer.
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