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Originally Posted by diego View Post

So, if we're talking about merging of casual and traditional adventure games, then we're speaking also of merging the two markets, which means developers and publishers will try to please the both groups. That leads us to "easier" difficulty of course, when comparing it to the classics. About Jane Jensen, she actually did some casual games before the Gray Matter so it should not come as surprise. And you really can't blame her or publishers for their desire for their product to reach wider audience.

So, maybe that "something new" could be casual games and the merging of two is just another step in "evolution".
I am afraid we are not talking about the merging of two markets, because in order to have a merger, both markets should stand on equal footing, which they donīt. Hidden Object games are vastly more popular than "classic" adventure games, so what we are seeing now is adventure games accommodating to hidden object games. Personally I donīt even mind that, but then at least give the option for different difficulty levels for people like me who have been playing adventure games forever and do not much care for hidden object or easier puzzles. Yes Jane Jensen has been doing a lot in the casual game department, but I did not expect her or the developers to bring her new adventure game down to a more approachable level. I mean we are talking about the author of Gabriel Knight here: the creme de la creme of adventure gaming. At least that should be kept intact for adventure gamers. This is not a transition like from 2D to 3D: this undermines the very reasons people play adventure games: puzzles, a well-developed world to immerse yourself into, challenging quests, etc. If we are going to miss all this, then I donīt see the reason to play adventure games anymore.
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