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Default Gray Matter: First Impressions disappointing

I am currently playing Gray Matter and just completed Chapter 3, so no spoilers please!
I just wanted to share my first impressions so far and would like to hear from people who are playing or have finished playing Gray Matter (again no spoilers . I had enormous high expectations for this game and I must say I have been let down. The story and the characters are fantastic and are fully meeting my expectations, staying true to Jane Jensenīs reputation, however the game is a disappointment. First of all itīs so easy itīs just a mild cut above an hidden object game, then there are not enough items to click on or locations to visit and finally each chapter is painfully short. Is this a lack of budget? Or are adventure gamers now being dumbed down in order to attract the Hidden Object players? I can not believe it would be a lack of budget as surely Jane Jensen must get a very high budget considering her status in the adventure community. She herself has admitted that she made the game more approachable, which I guess translates into "dummer game in order to increase sales".
The adventure community might not be as successful as others but it has been thriving for a few years now, so I canīt see why Jane Jensen could not deliver a game worthy of her name. Hidden object players are supposed to move towards adventure gaming, not the other way around!
What are your impressions?
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