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So the North American release has finally been confirmed (along with Black Mirror 2/3):

I'm making a, probably final, appeal to anyone involved with the development and/or publishing that might see this thread....PLEASE DROP THE RADIAL INTERFACE FROM THE 360 VERSION. If this game is going to have a chance in hell with mainstream consumers this immersion-breaking interface has to go. Please just do exactly like the Xbox versions of Syberia or Still Life and the game will work fine. Or go the MI2:SE route and give us the ability to manually control or switch to a P&C interface. This radial menu hybrid doesn't work and is only going to dissuade potential players from giving Gray Matter the chance it deserves. This is a very simple fix that will radically improve the game's acceptance and chance at success and this game deserves better than the awful interface that it's being plagued with.
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