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So ...
Style´s face wasn´t burned after all ? When I´ve seen his face in the cutscene it seems that his appearance is fine but according to the dialogue between him and Sam he seems to be scarred

Final thoughts

I liked Gray Matter a lot, really did not want it to end.
Loved the surroundings/locations so much I did not mind revisiting them throughout most of the game.

It took me about 14 hours to complete it but it felt much shorter than that.
Didn´t Jane Jensen mention that the game should be good for 30 hours of playtime ?

Puzzle quality was good. I liked the tricks despite not posing a big challenge.
The variety was cool, highlight being the
Daedalus puzzles & final chapter

Cutscenes were OK and contributed to the feel of the game.
It wouldnt have caused any damage if they´d featured more animations though.
I do not get all the criticism concerning the in-game graphics.
Does anybody expect adventure games to feature high end graphics ?
Gray Matter delivered in this area, for the most part...

Some animations were indeed unintentionally funny.
My "favourites" are Sam having breakfast and the
pool guy
turning towards you before starting the conversation
Michael Jackson would have been proud of him.

And most of the dialogue portraits looked cheap and inconsistent with the character design,
especially Sam looks ugly
Their faces just look bloated, rehab style.

Otherwise the graphics are beautiful. The final chapter alone is worth the price of admission.
I was kind of shocked about the presentation because it differs from the rest of the game and demands some suspension of disbelief. But if you´re ready to get into it you´ll enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Story was intriguing, thought provoking, occassionylly even brilliant but ultimately predictable.
I wasn´t surprised that
Angela (for the most part at least ?)
was behind it all because of
her strange behaviour and quirky character traits & one particular cutscene

A big plus is the voice work.
Sam wasn´t flawless but still very good and Styles really was perfect.
Yes he might sound a bit older than the character he´s portraying but it didn´t bother me at any time.
Rest of the cast was also believable. Only Helena & Angela are a mixed bag. Helena´s accent was a bit over the top, and though Angela´s was believable her´s did get on my nerves but that may have something to do with her character. Normally I really dig Scottish accents.

Soundtrack was just great. A bit repetitive but the compositions are very moody.
Scarlet Furies songs are good as well but have been played much too often in Style´s flashbacks.
They really want us to get the CD, don´t they

Finally I have some questions:

How did Helena manage to enter the Daedalus Club, not to begin with getting trapped in the underground ? Why was she there, what´s her true relation to Mephistopheles ?

What´s the logic behind the
re-assembled Daedalus puzzles ?
Ok, so you can enter the name of the person you´re looking for by just knowing to whom the puzzle is referring but how on earth should I decrypt the message otherwise ?
I just don´t get it, but would like to know anyhow.
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