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In chapter 7 (I think it's 7)
David finds a letter from Sam's Foster Care service,
which is addressed to a post office in Piazza San Silvestro 19, in Rome.
The other day I was taking a stroll downtown, and I happened to have my camera with me. Here's Piazza San Silvestro 19.
It's a post office, indeed! Neat fact checking.

Originally Posted by Tiocfaidh View Post
Chapter 2
Could not figure out how I
should derive the phone number from the assembled puzzle pieces

Still donīt know whatīs the logic behind it.
Did you have trouble finding out what to enter, or where to enter it?

The assembled puzzle pieces only tell you where to enter the number. Hints on what you should enter are in the riddle.

If instead you meant that you had trouble to materially convert the word to a number, you shouldn't try to assemble the word SMS-style, instead you should simply press once the number that contains the letter you want to type, regardless of the place the letter has on the button. Eg. if you want to type "CK", just press the 1 (ABC) button once, then the 5 (JKL) button once, and not the 1 button three times and the 5 button twice. Keep it mind because you'll find the same kind of puzzle again.
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