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For me, scariest is definitely a tie between Amnesia and Penumbra: Black Plague.

Amnesia has marginally the more scarier atmosphere of the two, but the story didn't grip me and I still haven't finished it actually. To its credit though, it does know how to get your heart beating fast and a few times i had to stop playing as i felt physically drained due to the adrenaline rushes it gives you.

Where as in Black Plague, the story is interesting and there's constantly something or other that will kill you if you step out of line and a lot of the puzzles are done with a tuurngait walking around, inches from spotting you. The end segment of the game is rubbish but that only accounts for about 15 minutes of the game.

The first Penumbra probably loses out to these two because though the dogs are scary, after you've crawled slowly round the levels a few times you'll get annoyed rather than scared and just choose to beat them all to death so you can wander round safely.
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