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Just gave the demo a quick spin.

I'm impressed, but not overly. I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to be doing as David, nor was I really a fan of his voice. He sounded a good 10-20 years older than he looked, which kinda ruined it for me. Sam looked and moved better than I thought she would, but I'm not really keen on her tattoo (Minor problem). I was surprised to find out she's voiced by the actress who voiced Faith's sister in Mirror's Edge (One of my favourite games), too!

Controls were OK, but a little backwards compared to Broken Sword (Which I'm playing currently. It's usually LMB to use, RMB to look, but it's reversed in Gray Matter), and the animations seemed alright, but I couldn't tell if they were supposed to be that stilted or if it was just my 7600GT struggling to cope (I'd put the quality up to High).

I'll buy it, certainly, but I'm not going to let the demo marr my view of the game. It seemed disjointed and completely out of context (As did the TLJ demo when I played that), and I can't use it as a base for how the game truly is.

I just hope the part where she picks up the rabbit is fixed. That made me go "What?".
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