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it might have a little more romance than other games but i don't think that's a bad thing considering there aren't so many like that out there and also it's not that much.

to me the characters are quite fine.Sam is like zane said and a little childish because she didn't actually have the best childhood out there.her parents died when she was a little girl it's perfectly reasonable that afterward she is not gonna be like any girl/woman her age.she most likely will do what she wants instead of listening to others and especially her foster parents.she became goth and does magic,not exactly typical either and since she is not mature enough she acts like a child when she becomes interested in Styles.

Styles on the other hand acts like that because he was madly in love with his dead wife.since the accident he cut all ties even with friends let alone work and began a recluse life.he is rude to everyone and even to his caretaker and only talks a little better after being scolded by might not be as his intelligence directs but i'd say it's pretty logical with those emotional problems.

as for the cutscenes i'm with those that liked them.i also could tell the voices and the the point where the assistant was attacked yeah it might be missing a frame there but if she disappeared wouldn't sam be a little more cautious,shocked,intrigued as how it happened,spooked,anything?she just accepts it and is only spooked by the house just because it's eerie?

and at last i've read some reviews and nearly all of them said sth to indicate an instant classic.and most of the posts here complain more about technical issues than the yeah even with two people you still are a minority.

ah and about laura......i think she just spoke because she didn't like styles thinking anything bad(she attacked the sites) about her and also not do anything with the fake laura/impostor thinking it was the real one(she was snooping closer every time and even kissed styles in the end while he was thinking she was laura).

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