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Originally Posted by Roper Klacks View Post
The 3D engine, some of the puzzles, Tim Curry's voice, the last chapter, too much dialogue, cliched side characters... a lot of things. Most of them were nitpicks, but its the same with Gray Matter. The large majority of people that finished Gray Matter liked the narrative, the most criticised aspect are the technical ones. Ok you didn't like the narrative, and thats ok, it has several flaws, but from the reactions i'm reading seems to me you are in the minority.
If I am like the majority, will I be more wright? On the other side, I should talk for what I think, even thought others can think in a different way. Don't you do the same?

By the way: I don't remember ciriticising the narrative. I meant the story itself.

But, since you mentioned, I thoght Tim Curry's voice was a strong point in Gabriel Knight 3...

About the "reactions", friend, I didn't mean to write that much. But everytime I write something there is one or more replies...

I didn't like the game, brother, that hapens! Simple like that! The world won't end. Don't get me wrong.

I don't think we will go much far with this... We are monopolizing the topic.
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