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Originally Posted by Roper Klacks View Post
Let me say this. If any of the Gabriel Knight games (specially 3 i guess) where released today after so many years in development they would generate the same opinions and divide players in the same way that Gray Matter is nowadays. I ADORE all Gabriel Knight games, but i can easily rip them apart if i start to nitpick on their flaws, hell i can do that with ANY game ever made. If Gray Matter had decades of nostalgia on top of it, people would be a lot less critical.
I'm not shure about that. I play new games and the old ones too. I loved Black Mirror II and decided do play Black Mirror I again. And I loved playing the first one like in the first time.

GK 1 to 3 were considered great games since when they were released. Today they are classic. Shall Gray Matter be consider a classic in the next decade?

The fact of an adventure game being old or new makes more difference about the graphics. But this is not my point. What I complain about Gray Matter is the story, wich I consider very weak. The Doctor looks so sopy to me. And his behavior does not mach his intelligence in the story. (I canīt tell without making a spoil). Also, the magic tricks are childish. Who can expect to do anything Sam did with those tricks?

And another point I didn' mention. There is almost no puzzle (except in the final chapter). All we have to do is to follow the riddles, to read the instructions of a manual to make the magical tricks and interact with some other few things. That is why the game is so easy.
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