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Originally Posted by pizzo View Post
This is exactly the point we disagree. I don't think the story is good. Really.

In the end we will always mention personal opinion, no doubt. Ok, pherhaps it is wright. But there is one thing we can say for sure. Gabriel Knight is really unanimous among adventure players. But Gray Matter is not. Wich means there is something GK has that GM has not. Charisma, background story, atmosphere? Maibe.
Let me say this. If any of the Gabriel Knight games (specially 3 i guess) where released today after so many years in development they would generate the same opinions and divide players in the same way that Gray Matter is nowadays. I ADORE all Gabriel Knight games, but i can easily rip them apart if i start to nitpick on their flaws, hell i can do that with ANY game ever made. If Gray Matter had decades of nostalgia on top of it, people would be a lot less critical.
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