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Originally Posted by zane View Post
Its confusing as all hell whats going on.
Really? Perhaps a little bit, but that adds to the feeling of the game. And i know of cutscenes in other games which can confuse you more. Hey, it's a mistery game!
Originally Posted by zane View Post
All the cutscene portraits look way different than the characters do in game, its not always immediately apparent who is who.
Originally Posted by zane View Post
Nobody even really agrees what happens in the intro and what exactly scared the real assistant, because the cutscene animations are confusing and dont clearly show whats going on.
Again: mistery game! Why was Samantha at the right time at the right spot? Why had she a medallion that is similar to the one Dr. Styles mother had?
How is it possible that Laura really seems to have "talked to Dr. Styles? What did she want? Only warn him because there is an imposter? Perhaps she got rid of the wrong assistance to make way for Sam.
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