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Originally Posted by Arial Type View Post
The engine by Wizarbox is bad. It was bad in So Blonde, it's still bad in Gray Matter. Long loading times, irritating hotspots, painful pathfinding - that's something a polished game shouldn't have. And as far as animation goes...

We saw rotoscoping, FMV and even realtime 3D. That was in 90th. It's XXI century now, and the best they came up with is the "black screen" magic? I understand everything, but they could at least add some comics in between.

Of course, I can live with it as long as the writing will remain as good as it is. As well as other fans of Jane. But for many other gamers it will ruin the fun for sure. It even ruins some fun for me now. From now on I'll try to concentrate on the story, writing, puzzles, something that only Janes' holy hands touched.

Jane Jensen is too good for this game.
I wanna point out that the loading times are not long if you've got a modern pc/laptop. I'm playing with Sony Vaio E-series laptop and I don't even have time to read the texts on the screen before it's already loaded. So, it's not the game, it's your pc.

I don't see the point in whining about the graphics. It's an adventure game, the budget was small. You can't create Bioshock-style graphics with no money. Instead of doing the usual, poor 3d animations, they went for something different, and I like it. Either way, people would still whine no matter what the technology was. If it really bugs so many of you, then why don't you people donate some money for the company, so they can create a high-end graphics game? lol IMHO the graphics are fine, and similar to other recent releases. Not outdated at all.

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