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Originally Posted by Phod View Post
Kinda shocked to see the "engine" called bad or slow. I've played all recent adventures on the same computer and Gray Matter is easily one of the quickest.

You must be doing something wrong.
Is it? Then there must be something wrong with me, what a relief Although I have a fast PC, sometimes there's enough time to read two messages. And not all of them are idiotic, Fien. There are some historical or in-game facts, about Sam's boyfriend for example. Anyway, I play on the highest conf and that's hardly too much for a rendered game...

As for

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
And I don't want the game to produce the name of every object I look at. I can SEE it's a portrait, a chair, a table. If there's anything in the manual about turning this superfluous "service" off I haven't found it.
I also wish it was turned off, because the pauses they take to appear are really irritating. Then again, there are those little things Roper Klacks talks about. The interface could've been so much better.
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