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Originally Posted by nomarch View Post
I'm stuck at the end of chapter 2, not sure if it's a bug or I'm just missing one tiny little thing.

Progress bar is

100% total
84/84 - 100% - Betrayers Price - Part 2
40/40 - 100% - Strange Events at Horspath Track
166/166 - 100% - The Mysterious Doctor Styles
19/19 - 100% - Sam Plays Lab Assistant
41/41 - 100% - Sam Gets Carded
17/20 - 85% - Chapter 2 Bonus

I managed to steal the Experiment sheet from Susan, went to the quad and met the other lambs and found the condolances card and worked out that linkweller is a bad guy

But I can't figure out what to do next, Styles is nowehere to be seen so I can't give him the experiment sheet and I can't get anything out of the guy at the magic shop or anywhere Linkwellers office.
did you see the car accident animation of the file from 2002
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