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What's required to complete the bonus percentages? for example, in chapter 1?

Quick thoughts:

1) Graphically, yes, not groundbreaking. It doesn't matter. The backgrounds are fantastic. The models are a little stiff and bland and the animations not impressive. A few graphical glitches so far were a little ugly, like Sam getting on the bike. Yuck.

2) Love the cut scenes. Awesome art style. The ending cut scene for Chapter 1 dispenses any concern that it's not a Jane Jensen quality game.

3) Like the music but wish there was more so far. A tad repetitive, even how good it is.

4) The game runs great on my machine, very fluid and fast which can't be said for all adventures.

5) It lacks a little polish overall for a game that has been in development so long. Nothing game breaking but just a little.

6) Puzzles do seem easy overall and I can see how the whole magic thing was probably hoped to be better than it is.

Just nitpicks.
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