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it did feel easier than, for example, the Gabriel Knight games, but it's hard to say whether that's because it is easier or I'm just better at puzzles than I was several years ago. it's certainly not as easy as Alter-Ego for example
there's a few places I was stuck for a while but only one where I was tempted to find a walkthrough (big surprise, there aren't any yet I managed to figure it out on my own anyway)
the "enter the name of the mage" bit. I tried Mephistopheles, Houdini, even Harry bloody Potter before thinking to try Lewis Caroll

the story kept me guessing nicely too
at first I was sure Malik was a plant from Linkweller, and then when evidence started supporting this theory I couldn't decide whether he was a red herring or not for a while. I was also convinced that there were two ghosts, one who had killed Laura (this after seeing the photo) and Laura herself, but that Styles was unknowingly feeding the wrong ghost. when Laura's message began "IM" I was expecting it to eventually reveal "IMNOTALONE". then I suspected Helena, the only Lamb who didn't seem to have an agenda or any evidence against her so of course she became my top suspect. until there was evidence against her of course it wasn't until Styles flashback to the student in his office that I became sure it was Angela (could just notice the scottish accent behind the voice distortion) but even then I wasn't sure she was behind everything.
I loved how the ending also left you not entirely sure just how much of the goings on were down to Angela and how much was Laura. after all, the message "IMPOSTER" proves Laura was there
and then the page from the book, Bride of Frankenstien... sequel to the story Sam has been reading. subtle hint at a Gray Matter sequel? I hope so
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