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This is ridiculous... what the hell is DTP/Mamba/whatever PR department doing? Do they even have a PR department? We should know about delays through them, not from online stores...

Its like they are deliberate trying to alienate the few people that are interested in the game (not many nowadays). Its pretty obvious Gray Matter has some very serious problems, thats the only explanation i have for these constant delays and secrecy, if you don't know when a game will be ready dont announce dates.

Screw this, i'm joining the boat of people that doubt it will ever be released. I bet DNF will hit the stores first than Gray Matter (now with Gearbox developing DNF its not a risky bet, at all)


Sorry i'm angry...
Deep, deep i'm still hoping for all of this to be a misunderstanding from amazon an co... but let's be honest we know it is true
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