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Originally Posted by orient View Post
I know, some people prefer relaxing on a couch as opposed to sitting up in a computer chair, and to those people I apologise. Maybe I shouldn't have been so blunt
First off, I will likely purchase it for both PC and xBox360, if only to get the sales numbers up, but also so that I could potentially play on my laptop in the future.

Second, yes, I prefer to play games on my 61" television with surround sound while sitting on my couch, and a controller beats a mouse under these circumstances. In fact, lately a controller beats a mouse overall, as mice have been giving me arm/neck/back pain after extended use.

Third, obviously having the game on consoles will increase potential exposure and therefore make it more likely that there will be a sequel or other AAA quality adventure games in the future because it will potentially help offset the costs of producing such titles with increased sales.

There is, of course, one obvious solution to all this debate, which is that the game should have been released on Wii:

1) the controls would be perfect (I just finished Secret Files 1 on the Wii and the control scheme was fabulous)

2) if the point is to expose the game to a wider audience, including non-gamers, the Wii is the perfect platform for this

I'm honestly surprised that we haven't seen more of a point-and-click Renaissance on the Wii, because playing on the Wii surpasses the computer when it comes to sitting on the couch, and also when playing with another person cooperatively. I would love to be able to purchase for the Wii many games that are currently available only for PC, including but not limited to: Monkey Island SE 1 & 2, Runaway 2 (looks like it only got released for Wii in France?!?), Still Life 2, Black Mirror 2 & 3...

Perhaps the solution is to get a Wii remote working with my PC........
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