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Originally Posted by orient View Post
People want to play this game on Xbox360?

Don't get me wrong, I love console games, but this game was clearly designed for PC first and foremost.

I suppose it's a fair trade-off if you don't have a capable PC, but I can't imagine Gray Matter requiring terribly high system specifications.
Excuse me, mister? SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. If there's one thing that the floundering and largely-ignored-by-the-mainstream-media adventure game genre needs, it's more exposure to a new gamers. And that requires it being introduced on platforms other than PC.

I am PROUD to be a console gamer who wants to see a lot more adventure games on the console and on the handheld devices (DS, PSP, iPhone, etc.). I very much look forward to playing Gray Matter on my X360. And I very much support games being on as many platforms as possible so that not only can they be discovered by more people, but also so that we can have a CHOICE on which platform to play them on.

For a devoted supporter of adventure games you're sure doing a lousy job of trying to help it be more out there for new people to discover.
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