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You know, having finished The Lost Crown this week I was going to play something light and comedic next, but since I only recently discovered these forums and have never done a playthrough before ... Anyway, I bought Sanitarium a while ago when it was on sale at GOG, but I had yet to start it up. All I knew before this morning was what I'd read in the blurb, so doubtless it will be full of surprises.

What I don't like so far: the terrible, terrible interface. Already mentioned by previous posters, but ... holding down the mouse button to move? Really? Who thought that was a good idea?

What I do like: the visual design of the tower level is great, if not the easiest thing to navigate. And the story is already nothing like I expected! I was genuinely startled when the angel spoke to me. Puzzles seem good so far.

The joys of old graphics: I spent the first ten minutes wondering if my character had a ponytail.
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