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When this was discussed as a playthrough I had a look at running my original version (the one with XP issues) again. There is a patch for Sanitarium that fixes the XP issue for this early edition (as well as a bug that stops you entering some areas in chapter 2) It can be obtained here. . It's an executable zip file but you need to make sure it extracts to your game install folder.

Inicidentally, even after the patch, I experienced another problem that others may or may not have. The game seemed unable to recognise disk space above 20GB (and so said I had no space to save on my 40GB hard drive when it was nearly half empty. I had to uninstall some stuff to fix this). Since in testing it after patching I ended up playing the whole thing right through (I know, terrible lack of willpower ) I have saves at the start of each chapter if anyone needs one at some point.

I'd played this game before anyway so I knew about most of the plot twists already. I'll aim to join in the discussion but use spoiler tags for things that refer to later events in the game.
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