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Originally Posted by Intense Degree View Post
However, I'm not even vaguely surprised by this as I don't feel that traditional Adventure Games are suited to trailers anyway (personal opinion of course!).
Are you sure? Compare the Gray Matter trailer to these 3 and tell me they are not heaps better at making you want to play their respective games:

Gabriel Knight 3
Broken Sword
Grim Fandango

Important aspects of a successful trailer that the Gray Matter one completely fails at:

1) Trailers should tell/introduce a story - not just throw at you abstract concepts in disconnected 3 seconds shots
2) Trailers should present their stories in ways that gets the viewer intrigued
3) The amount of written text should be minimal, with focus on key phrases which interact with what is shown in the footage (or the text should be absent altogether)
4) Trailers should highlight the audio-visual strengths of the game/film they're promoting.
5) If you can include recorded character dialogs or at least someone's narration, definitely use it - it will elevate the impact of the trailer immensely

All that said, it's only a trailer. It will put off a good percent of its viewers from playing the game, but at least it won't affect the quality of the final product.
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