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Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
You know, I really hope that it gets the coverage in magazines and the likes that it deserves. It'll miss a lot of potential customers if they can't even make it into reviews, or just into those little half-a-page-reviews.
I think most printed magazines (in North America at least) have long abandoned adventure games, both in pre-release coverage and reviews. For instance, PC Gamer only covers and writes reviews for Telltale Games now. I've been subscribed to that magazine for years, and I think the last non-Telltale AG they reviewed was Dracula 3 or something, in the fall of 2008. Since then, no Runaway, no Ghost Pirates, no Whispered World. Nothing. They simply don't bother anymore.

Then again, I see this as a very good thing, as all they did was bashing those games anyway. I still find PC Gamer magazine totally awesome for various reasons, but if it weren't for the Adventure Gamers and GameBoomers websites, and devoted communities like Mix & Mojo, there would be no press at all for adventures.

Which is to say, if I may return to the topic at hand, that I'm hoping Gray Matter will benefit from a strong level of exposure on the web, because it probably won't get any in the hardcore-dominated printed world.
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